Indecision really is quite something. Namely, the absolutely the bane of my life. Want to know whether to wear a dress or jeans? Don’t ask me, the only thing I am sure of of is you’ll never get a clear answer. Did I like the film? Yes, probably, I think so… What do you think?  Ultimately if you’re ever in a life or death situation where someone has to make a quick decision for you (why you are in this predicament we can only wonder) do not count on me. I’ll make no decision which is normally the wrong decision and you’ll be dead for your poor judgement in believing I could help. You could probably argue it’s my fault your dead but is it really? I couldn’t agree or disagree, I can’t decide. 

I imagine this behaviour makes me the worst date in the world, you’d probably have already moved on and married someone before I’ve decided on what starter to have. Praise to the mighty heavens for having already met a man who has the patience of a saint. Is this behaviour I can change? I really do not know. Maybe it is, maybe it is a case of nurture that I can break from, but then again maybe it’s nature and in my DNA…hmm… 
This somewhat tidal wave of a character flaw makes life very hard, especially when you’re supposed to be a happy go lucky traveller. While my partner is a step ahead on the decision making game, I wouldn’t recommend him as a go to guy for a snappy if you needed to know whether to turn left or right, which makes us planning our next adventure near impossible. 
How big is the world?! How can you decide where to go when they’re are so many wonderful options to choose from?! Heading to Australia was a pretty easy call because I didn’t venture into the possibility of trying anywhere else. It all just kind of happened. Now I’m here and nearing the time to move on, and I am forever plagued with thoughts of where I’ll have more fun, where is more cost effective and where am I least likely to get lost to the point I never find my way back and essentially drop of the face of the earth. Having said that I could probably get myself as lost in local supermarket, so maybe that’s unavoidable.  
As irritating as this inability to make a judgement on pretty much anything is, it is really a positive thing. I plagued with so many options in life I simply can’t make my mind up about most. The world is at our millennial fingertips in a way it hasn’t been to generations before us, which ultimately is a good thing, right? Or at least that’s what I tell myself when I realise I have no idea what the hell I want to do with my life. It’s working for now…I think.       


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