With lots of emotion attached to the soulful news about the death of a Nigeria ACE Producer OJB JEZREEL, Paul Runz another popular producer talked about his encounter with OJB. Read what he says..

He was my industry mate kind of, But I respect him he’s a legend. We meet in year 2000 in the studio, then I was in a music group “ZIP” and I was building my music production skills with Nelson Brown and Foster Zeeno. OJB was cool and a good music creator then still huzling working to make a breakthrough. He came to the studio; I think if I can remember to work on Something for X-Appeal a music duo (Lexy doo and Jazzman Olofin).
In 2004 I and OJB ,Cohbams worked on Faze’s first album (Independent) it was an experience which expose my production skills. OJB mega hit was African Queen by Tuface Idibia that same year the song was a hit.
Since then we’ve been involved in various projects. He’s humble and not working to out shine when we work together, most times he will even assist you in your own job. In 2007 I Cohbams and OJB worked on the “Jewels Band” the star quest winners that year and that was the last project we did together. But we maintained our relationship, we meet in events, visiting and he always say yes if I needed his help.
I visited him in 2013 we discussed the problems of the music industry of today, he has a template that can better the industry at large.
OJB IS A LEGEND and apart from Nelson Brown, OJB has discovered and brought out stars and hits than any other producers in the country. He is the foundation of new generation R&B and Hiphop music in nigeria. I give it to him, may God bless your soul brother. RIP OJB.


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