TODAY AT WORK!!. 16th September 2015

  It’s like every normal day but with a different appoach, Being self employed is good but with its own risk of having to deal with the challenges of making the decisions on your own and making sure the workers are devoted!. Seated on the producers seat (Myself) trying to know what is in the clients mind (The Artist) striking the first key I started feeling dizzy, then I wondered what I’ve done, eaten or drank that is wrong, I stared at the PC, Console and the keyboard for a while and just laughed, the artist thought his music sounded funny but instead I told him I’m sorry let’s do this some other time and to my surprise he said he has absolutely no problem with that!. I played a couple of songs and chatted for a while maybe that will make me feel better but it doesn’t. Maybe I need a bottle of soda and perhaps I should write this down!. It’s just 14:55 GMT… 

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