Never let your ex see you sweat. 


Now this rule here is plain and simple! There’s two types of woman after a break up.

  1. The one who gets so depressed and has absolutely no energy. Putting a brush through her hair feels impossible. And getting dressed up before heading out is definitely out of the question. You know EXACTLY how she feels by just one look, LIKE SHIT!
  2. The woman who can be going somewhere as simple as the bodega (corner store) and you can’t tell if she’s going to a club or a red carpet event.

#1 used to be me! People probably couldn’t tell that I actually owned something else besides a pair of oversize sweatpants and a baseball cap! Makeup? Pssht, people were lucky if I put Vaseline on my lips. Unfortunately I almost always saw my ex the moment I stepped out of the door. And out of all those times, I was…

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3 thoughts on “Never let your ex see you sweat. 

  1. aww thank you so much for the reblog.. I was just thinking the other day that I would love to have a post from a mans point of view.. Let me know if you’d like to send me something😁..

    • First thank you for thanking me… Im just going to say everything am about to say based on experience as a man and the way it seems right from the kind of orientation I have based on the kind of environment I come from!.. #1 from a personal experience, I just broke up from a long time relationship and seeing my look good is a good thing for me not because im happy she’s doing well but because i always want to see if theirs any reason we shouldn’t have broken up in the first place. We still talk cos i hv not started seeing someone else and she claimed to not hv started seeing someone else too do it’s more like the space is still open for both of us but deep down I wouldn’t want to go that road again and like u said she’s always trying to make sure i “DONT SEE HER SWEAT” and that alone has made alot of people I know go back to their ex but theirs this one time I saw her and she wasn’t looking that up tight that day I hated her the more and i almost hated myself for that, thinking how out of all the beautiful ladies on the planet i choose to be with her for such a long time… &
      #2 The kind of environment I come from has a way of thinking your partner has some kind of influence on you and now that you broke up with that person and looking miserable and all that no other lady/man will want to have anything to do with you cos they’ll believe it’s all her making you look good when you both re dating!.. In my own case it’s really painful the breakup happens but I didn’t let it get to me, I’m a big lover of gadgets I just kept buying them to make myself happy and even bought more new cloths and shoes and it’s working for me!… Sincerely I’ll say it’s one of the reasons she still talk to me so really!… DONT LET YOUR EX SEE YOU SWEAT!!… (I hope that make any sense to you) 🙂

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