How do looks affect one’s career?


Answer by Aakanksha Joshi on Quora.

I think it’s naive to think that looks don’t matter at all in most careers.

This is more obvious in case of careers like modeling, acting or anything media or fashion related. Even fashion designers, stylists and other behind the scenes people need to look good because people perceive that if they know how to look good, then they would probably know how to make others look good.

In other careers, especially those which are client facing, looks do matter. People are predisposed to being more receptive to pleasant looking people. The degree of good looks varies from industry to industry and the effects are more subtle, in more serious work spaces. Even if a person isn’t good looking, if he or she is well groomed, he or she is received more positively.

However, good looks are not a substitute for actual competence. It…

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