These popular olive oil brands are being accused of ‘fraud’


Sales of olive oil have been steadily rising in recent years. The industry had an annual growth rate of nearly ten percent from 2009 to 2014. The surge is due, in large part, to reports hailing the cooking ingredient’s health benefits. And of course, Italian olive oil is so widely revered by foodies that there is even a travel industry around it.

But what many consumers may not realize are that some of the major producers of olive oil in the U.S. have been sued for allegedly misrepresenting their products. Two major producers of the cooking oil—Filippo Berio Olive Oil Brands and Safeway’s Select Brand of olive oil — are the targets of separate class action lawsuits, filed by a California woman. Rohini Kumar is suing Salov North America, manufacturers of Filippo Berio Olive Oil —the third largest brand of olive oil sold in the U.S. —and Safeway Inc…

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