The AOL-Verizon marriage: 3 things we know, and 1 we don’t


Verizon made it official Tuesday morning by revealing that its $4.4 billion AOL acquisition is a done deal, and by dispatching two senior executives to talk about the strategy for its new “family” member on a conference call and TV interviews.

The morning PR blitz did not, however, include many specifics about what the company plans to do with its new AOL assets, or about what it means for a phone carrier to become, in the words of Verizon EVP Marni Walden, a “global media technology company.”

It’s early days but, for those who like to read tea leaves, here are three things that today’s news revealed about the Verizon-AOL [fortune-stock symbol=”VZ”] marriage — and one that’s far from settled.

Video is key

Walden revealed on a conference call that Verizon will introduce a new video product that will feature live content, sports and special events – presumably based at…

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