BeMore Better and Get it Together…

92 Q

Jay Z, Diddy - NBA All-Star Game 2015 Source: Elsa / Getty

NO Jay-Z isn’t getting the award, but someone that is claiming to be his long lost son shole is.  The INNaNET is all abuzz and seems to be the GO-TO place when you want to air out ya dirty laundry, or bring up OLD mess.  With that being said, a 21 year old man whose mother name is Wanda Saitherwaite is said to have had a love child with the rapper when he was still hustling in the projects of Marcy.  Now they are said to be tryna hunt The King of Hip Hop down so that he can fork over some money.  But first h e had to take a patty test.  A patty test is a paternity test, to prove he actually sired the son.  First off, we want to know WHO WAITS over a year after the child is born to try and…

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