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This time with suggestions.

I agree with her this dress would look nice belted BUT… I was going for more of a nice loose trapeze Mod look and I didn’t want it fitted, which a belt would have made it more form fitting depending on the width size. For late Summer/ early Fall, I will belt it just for her but as a jacket with jeans or maybe shorts and fishnets. We will see.

BROWN LIP GLOSS!!!! I haven’t wore that alone since the late 90’s going into 2000 when that’s all I knew about make up. Now BROWN LIPSTICK!!! I wear at least 3 different shades a week depending on my mood.

Orange and Blue are two of my favorite complementary colors!!! So, there was no doubt that this dress wouldnt have some shade of blue some where. Why NOT a Blue Lip!?!

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