Seeking clarity about tragedies that can’t be explained

Brome Hill

Dylan RoofMy thoughts feel mashed together this morning.

In about an hour, I plan to be riding on a bicycle, which may bring some of those thoughts into focus. In the meantime, I sit here thinking about Memory Man, a novel published earlier this year by bestselling author David Baldacci. It’s a book I haven’t been able to put down as I try to avoid news this week about the real world. And the novel’s fictional world is calling me to read the last 60 pages instead of writing something here.

But I like routine and I like for my daily routine to begin here early each morning. So I’ll sit here until I write something.

As I sit here, I’ve been scanning headlines published online by both old and new media about Dylann Roof and listening to news about the 21-year-old arrested Thursday in connection with the shooting deaths of  nine people at Emanuel…

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